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Admission Requirements

Mr. Roy does not accept everyone at his Online Training studio. He wants committed actors who have a deep love of acting; people who have a real passion for it and who are supportive of their fellow classmates.

We look for individuals who respect the craft of acting; actors who understand that acting is like learning to play the violin.

It's an ongoing process. You don't take an 8 or 12 week course and go out and become big star. You get into Online class by task /video meeting with Mr. Rajat Roy personally, one-on-one basis to understand the craft.

He works with you on a scene on videotape. Then you watch the tape together and he tells you what he saw and what you would work on first if you were to work together.

​If you are:

*Passionate, with a deep love of acting

*Willing to be supportive & give atleast 2-3 hours

  a day for Practice​ 

*Committed to being the best actor you can be,

Then please contact us to arrange an interview Online or a Test.

Admission & Courses -

Whatsapp your full details at

+91- 8981812014

Now Learn in home 
@ your own pace & time

India's No-1

Online Acting Institute

 Task oriented & video classes

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